Morality: Old and New

Back in the 1960’s, when rock ‘n roll lost it’s Happy Days innocence and “free-loving” hippies shocked the world, we began to hear the expression, “the new morality”; a term imagined to bestow some sort of legitimacy on sexual promiscuity.  This frank rejection of God’s law became so widespread in our society that soon, the “new” morality was no longer new, and so the term fell into disuse.  We were simply a different kind of society now.

However, the term, “new morality” unintentionally pointed to the truth that man’s nature will never allow a moral vacuum to exist.  While godless men have never wanted to live by God’s moral code, they nevertheless do not want to live in a world where there is no moral code at all, for there is something in man’s makeup that needs a moral framework within which to live.  Every social group, no matter how disordered or brutal has some kind of code which the members of the group must abide by, with (usually severe) penalties for transgressors.

Although the expression New Morality was invented fifty years ago with particular reference to fornication, it signalled not only a change in society’s sexual ethics, but the replacement of the entire Biblical idea of righteousness and the principles and rules that define a righteous life.  If God’s law was to be discarded, it must necessarily be replaced with an alternative set of standards by which people could judge things to be good or bad.  The god of this world (II Cor.4:4) was ready to supply that alternative, and today we meet with this new system of Satanic laws every time we are confronted with the demands of Political Correctness.

Consider the two great principles of God’s Law:  The first is that we are required to love our Maker – Mk.12:30.  There is nothing more reasonable than this, for we owe Him our existence (Ps.100:3), and we daily receive from Him everything that sustains us – Jas.1:17.  Moreover, He has revealed Himself to us in His Son, that we may worship Him intelligently – Heb.1:1-3.  But the first principle of the New Morality is to worship the creation rather that the Creator – Rom.1:25.  Rather than subdue the earth (Gen.1:28) and use it as God’s good gift to us, we must instead bow down to it, giving religious devotion to it by honouring dolphins and monkeys; rivers and trees as being more noble and important than ourselves.  Yes, we have sinned, but not against the God of Jacob; we have sinned against the mother-earth goddess by our drilling and mining, and therefore there must be atoning UN resolutions and carbon dioxide taxes, and the penalizing of any who will not bow the knee.

The second basic principle of God’s law (that which is concerned with relations among humans) is love for others, and the more vulnerable and needy they are, the greater is our responsibility to protect and help them – Gal.5:14, Lk.10:30-35.   But again, the New Morality stipulates the exact opposite: It makes love for Self the highest good, and the needs of others must never come before self-fulfilment.  For example, the unborn child must die if its life hinders me from doing what I want.  The personhood of the child does not enter into it, and so abortion is not even seen as a regretable necessity, but rather, that it is a good and praiseworthy thing to do because it serves Self.  That is why there is so much outrage if anyone dares to question “a woman’s right” to do this: because pro-lifers are wicked people who sin against the sacred goal of our own happiness.  Whether the issue is women’s rights, children’s rights, sexual perverts’ rights or the philosophy of self-esteem, it is always the same relentless doctrine of Self Importance.

Make no mistake: what we are seeing and experiencing in 2017 is an alien system of morality as merciless and relentless as Sharia law, and it is important for Christians to recognize it for what it is.  This is no time for wavering between two opinions as, for example many Christians have concerning feminism because, they will tell you, it does have some just complaints.  This faulty reasoning is like saying that because Hitler tackled Germany’s economic problems, this somehow made the Nazis acceptable.  What makes a thing evil is not its lack of usefulness, but its lack of conformity to the Word of God – Is.8:20.

Christians are living in perilous times, and while we should not react against new things before we understand them (Prov.18:13), we must be careful not to be naïve.  We have an urgent duty to “Prove all things,” and “hold fast that which is good.” (I Thess.5:21), and to “Try the spirits, whether they are of God” (I Jn.4:1).  As the end of this age draws near, the world is seeking through deceit and intimidation to squeeze the church into it’s own mould.  However, the only effect is to sift the wheat from the chaff because God has decreed the opposite for His people, having predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son (Rom.8:29).  Let us therefore choose this day whom we will serve.

This is not a call to become contentious; it is a call to be faithful.  Our allegiance belongs to our King, so that no matter what is right or wrong according to the world’s morality, it is Christ alone whom we obey (Acts 5:29).  Let it never be even suspected that we are willing to compromise, for the law of the Lord is perfect (Ps.19:7-11).  The wicked shall soon be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it (Prov.2:22), but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever (I Jn.2:17).  Amen and amen.