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Jesus Saves


Repent - Believe - Receive

Friend, do you have saving faith in Jesus Christ? Do you BELIEVE that the just punishment for your sins has been paid not by you, but by His shed blood on Calvary's Cross? Are you FREE of Guilt, Condemnation, Judgement, Punishment and Death?

  • Jesus is The Way the Truth and the Life.
  • Jesus is The Light of the World.
  • Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
  • Jesus is The Resurrection and the Life
  • Jesus is The Bread of Life.
  • Jesus is the Gate and Vine.

Pastor's Blog


Matters of Faith

As Christmas approaches, the title of this article may seem a little out of place as we all begin to look forward to the festivities. It is true that Christmas is an enjoyable distraction from the usual burdens of life

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Youth News


Our church youth and the youth of the neighbourhood are so important to God and the building of His Kingdom.  Every month we our encourage our youth to reach out to our community with an event that would encourage them to search for Christ whilst making you new friends.

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